About Us

The Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (ACCO) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organization which was registered in Armenia in 2013.

The organization’s core objective is to provide emergency relief assistance to the most vulnerable Syrian families and individuals, while at the same time, develop and implement durable solution projects to facilitate the local settlement and integration process of Syrians in Armenia.

Our Vision:

To ensure welfare and decent living conditions for Syrians sheltered in Armenia, prohibiting urgent phenomenon of migration and giving them an opportunity to return and stand up for their own property at the end of the civil war of Syria, thus taking part in reconstruction activities of Syria.

Our Mission:

Working with our partners, we protect, support and empower Syrian citizens sheltered in Armenia, develop and implement lasting projects to contribute to their settlement and integration processes, social-cultural, spiritual and physical, educational and scientific development.

Our Mandate: 

“ALEPPO” CCO provides short-term relief assistance and durable solutions to Syrian citizens sheltered in Armenia through:

  • Food and non-food items;
  • Shelter and small infrastructures;
  • Livelihoods;
  • Social assistance to Syrian-Armenian individuals with mental and physical disabilities;
  • Social-psychological recovery service and integration;
  • Social-cultural, psychological and physical, educational, scientific development;
  • Necessary knowledge and skills for public work.

Our Values:

We value:


  • Every Syrian has unique value.
  • Every Syrian in need deserves support, respect and dignity.


  • Our humanitarian relief is based on the principle of impartiality in issues related to politics, race, nationality, religion, etc.


  • Demonstrating creative approach, we try to find new ways for organization and implementation of activities of our organization.


  • As a non-governmental organization, we support Syrian-Armenians on voluntary basis, who lack basic conditions required for existence.
  • We welcome new volunteers who seek to assist Syrians in need.


  • We are accountable to the people who support us, people who assist us and people we cooperate with.