“Aleppo Cuisine” Center Participates in the 2019 Festival of Rural Life and Traditions

On September 14 and 15, 2019, the annual Festival of Rural Life and Traditions was organised by “Green Lane” NGO under the auspices of the Government of Armenia with the support of the Yerevan municipality and different local and international agencies, in partnership with UNHCR and “Mission Armenia” NGO.

The Festival gave an opportunity to displaced persons, refugees and asylum-seekers sheltered in Armenia, national minorities, different organizations and individual entrepreneurs to  introduce the works and products prepared by themselves.

“Aleppo Cuisine” Center, established by Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo NGO), participated in the Festival. The attendees had an opportunity to taste the most delicious Middle Eastern meals spiced with unique Syrian and Armenian flavors. Aleppo Cuisine presented its catering service and culinary trainings as well, the profits of which are directed towards the creation of jobs for refugees and the provision of financial and livelihood assistance to Armenians and displaced populations․

Proceeds from the sale of food presented at the festival will also serve to the mission of providing assistance to vulnerable refugees and displaced persons.

Aleppo Cuisine is a social enterprise established by Aleppo-NGO to create employment opportunities for Syrian refugees in Armenia. The enterprise has been funded and supported by a host of individuals and organizations from around the world, including AGBU Armenia, Caritas Armenia and Caritas Austria, the European Union, GIZ Armenia, St. Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church of Houston-Texas, the Embassy of Japan in Armenia, the Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Mr. Vreij Kolandjian, Dr. and Mrs. Österbauer-Tanielian, and many others.