Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit: “Socio-psychological Assistance to Syrian Refugees” Project

On October 25, 2019, the regular meeting of the “Socio-psychological Assistance to Syrian Refugees” project of the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO) was held with the participation of 56 women.

This time the guest of the meeting was Liana Bakhtikyan. Dzovig Magarian-Baitarian, Co-Founder and Vice President of Aleppo-NGO, presented biography of Liana Bakhtikyan and the general agenda of the meeting. Liana has graduated from Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport and currently is the Director of “Bakhtikyan” Dance Studio, Owner of “Fitness Mix-Jumping” fitness club, Director at Coral Club Armenia and organizer of show-programs. Liana Bakhtikyan implements authoring programs for healthy trainings as well.

During the meeting Liana Bakhtikyan gave some useful instructions and advice to the attendees on healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, physical exercises. Attendees heard the indications with a great excitement, gave the questions they were interested in, afterwards

they all together did some useful physical exercises.

The meeting was accompanied with positive vibes and ended with a reception. The participants promised to follow the main rules of healthy lifestyle and do more physical exercises.

As a reminder, the free socio-psychological assistance meetings at Aleppo-NGO provide support to Syrians who went through the war and find themselves experiencing psychological side effects, helping them to recover and become actively involved in the civil life of Armenia.

The meetings take place every Friday at 14։00, at Aleppo-NGO office. The address is 11 Northern Avenue, -1 floor (entrance from Abovyan street).