Beauty Training within the Framework of “Socio-psychological Assistance to Syrian Refugees” Project

Give your breath, your soul,

but never your motherland to your enemy…

Khachatur Abovyan

On November 5, 2019, a regular meeting was held within the framework of “Socio-psychological Assistance to Syrian Refugees” project. Dzovig Makarian-Baitarian, Co-founding Vice President of Aleppo-NGO, within the framework of “Getting Acquainted with Our Values” topic represented the first pilgrimage-study of Mount Ararat that took place on September 27, 2019, with the participation of Khachatur Abovyan. Abovyan and Friedrich Parrot, professor of natural philosophy from the University of Dorpat in Livonia,  reached the summit on their third attempt at 3:15 p.m. on October 9, 1829. Abovyan dug a hole in the ice and erected a wooden cross facing north. Abovian picked up a chunk  of ice from the summit and carried it down with him in a bottle, considering the water holy. Abovyan was an Armenian writer and national public figure of the early 19th century who mysteriously vanished in 1848․

This time the guest of the meeting was Maral Fermanyan-Tashchyan, specialized in beauty and health. Maral Fermanyan-Tashchyan adviced to smile a lot as it is the first guarantee of beauty, demonstrated important tools of face massage on one of the participants and gave helpful instructions of skin care. 

Maral-Fermanyan Tashchyan has had many students and is ready to give her knowledge to others, in particular, her daughter who has chosen the same sphere. She had her own beauty salon in Aleppo, and in Armenia continues the same profession.

The participants were satisfied with the interesting and helpful meeting and decided to follow the rules for maintaining their beauty.

As a reminder, the free socio-psychological assistance meetings at Aleppo-NGO provide support to Syrians who went through the war and find themselves experiencing psychological side effects, helping them to recover and become actively involved in the civil life of Armenia.

The meetings take place every Friday at 16.00, at Aleppo-NGO office.

The address is 11 Northern Avenue, -1 floor (entrance from Abovyan street).