Members of the “Socio-psychological Assistance to Syrian Refugees” Visited Yerevan Zoo

On June 21, 2019, 50 members of the “Socio-psychological Assistance to Syrian Refugees” project of Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO) visited Yerevan Zoo (founded in 1940).

The participants enjoyed the varieties of animals, the beauty of the garden and the charming scenes. The park, which was created with two dozens of animals, now has more than 2300 varieties.

Members of the abovementioned project express their gratitude to the Yerevan Zoo for providing free visit and Yerevan Municipality for ensuring with free transport.

After the visit members of the project enjoyed another performance in the “Hamazgayin Theatre after Sos Sargsyan” and once again express deep gratitude to the theatre directorate for free tickets.

As a reminder, Aleppo-NGO’s “Social-psychological Assistance to Syrian Refugees” program is organized free of charge. The aim of the meetings is to provide support to those who lived through the conflict in Syria and continue to struggle with psychological side effects. Thematic meetings, cultural – cognitive visits are organized within the framework of the program. This kind of events contribute to the socio-psychological rehabilitation of Syrian-Armenian women and promote their social-cultural, psychological, physical, educational and scientific development.