The Presentation of Social Housing Program of Dilijan Held at “Aleppo” CCO

On October 5, 2015 the Executive Director of National Social Housing Association (ASBA), Ara Nazinyan, and the representative of the organization, Ani Abrahamyan, presented the social housing program to the Syrian-Armenians at “Aleppo” CCO’s new center. The purpose of the program is to help Syrian-Armenian families in need to obtain affordable houses in Dilijan, and within the possible limits assist in finding jobs.

Mr. Nazinyan presented the houses built within the frames of the project, which Syrian-Armenian families can obtain either by purchasing or by renting. Under the arrangement, it is possible to buy a house, paying partially, while in case of renting the rental fee will be 50,000 AMD.

He also noted that obtaining a house in Dilijan, the resident spends less money on utility payments; average annual utility fee is 7,000-10,000 AMD. The above-mentioned houses are two-story, repaired, have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a plot. They are adjacent to the downtown, close to the school and the kindergarten.

Reflecting on employment opportunities, Mr. Nazinyan noted that an agreement had been reached between Dilijan Municipality and a number of organizations, operating in the city, which are ready to offer jobs to Syrian –Armenian families living in Dilijan.

He also mentioned, that ASBA Foundation is planning to organize social entrepreneurship project for Syrian-Armenian families living in Dilijan. This program will give the opportunity of acquiring entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, encouraging creation of new businesses.

The institutions, dealing with the problems of Syrian-Armenians living in Armenia, including UNHCR, “Aleppo” CCO, “Oxfam”, “Mission Armenia”, and “Caritas”, were also present at the meeting.

Highlighting the importance of the housing project in Dilijan, the representative of “Oxfam” Organization, Margarita Hakobjanyan, informed Syrian-Armenian families, present at the meeting, that it was a long-term project, and considering Dilijan a developing city, there was a possibility that the committees of relevant organizations would hold discussions, and partially participate in the payment for the houses in Dilijan, obtained by Syrian-Armenians.

The representative of “Aleppo” CCO, Mrs. Zovig Baytarian, taking into account the offered benefits of the project, encouraged Syrian-Armenian families to consider the project and try to get to know the details in depth. At the end of the meeting participants had the opportunity of asking questions and receiving answers to them.

Mr. Nazinyan mentioned that ASBA Foundation is ready to organize a study visit to Dilijan for the Syrian-Armenian families who want to settle there. The latter will get the opportunity of visiting the houses which are on sale/rent, as well as getting acquainted with the environment of Dilijan.

Syrian-Armenian families, who are interested in the above-mentioned program and want to join the group leaving for Dilijan, can register before October 20, by calling to “Aleppo” Organization’s office (Tel. 010 545369).

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