The youth group of Aleppo CCO was introduced to places of interest of their Motherland

Forty Syrian-Armenian young people from the beneficiary families of Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization participated in a sightseeing tour around their Motherland. An initiative organized by Save the Children International Armenia took them to Aragatzotn Marz on April 30, 2016.

In St. Gevorg monastery (Mughni), Saghmosavank and Ohanavank a guide introduced the Syrian-Armenian youngsters to the historical and cultural monuments and shared valuable knowledge about the Armenian history. The young people also visited the Letters Park, admired the Armenian alphabet traceries, gathered into a circle dance in nature of their motherland, played and sang folk songs.

During the trip, “Save the Children International” in Armenia distributed shirts and hats to the youngsters. The international organization had cared about the food for the young people, as well.

Representatives from “Save the Children International” in Armenia and Aleppo CCO, as well as a few parents of the young people, had joined the trip, too.

Aleppo CCO highly appreciates the initiatives of “Save the Children International” in Armenia, in providing continuous support to the Syrian-Armenian community residing in Armenia, and promoting their active participation in the country’s civil society life.

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