Aleppo CCO: Summer school for Syrian children and youth comes to end

On August 22, 2016, the free summer school for Syrian children and youth organized by the initiative of the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization came to end.

A large number of Syrian children and youth settled in Armenia participated in the Aleppo CCO’s summer school, acquiring knowledge and skills essential to the formation of the person.

During the graduation ceremony, the participants of the summer school had the opportunity to present their own handmade crafts to the public, as well as performed several patriotic and lyrical songs during a small concert.

One of the teachers of the summer school, Siranush Gumruyan, welcomed the guests in her opening speech and introduced the activities throughout the summer school and the achievements, as well as addressed a word of gratitude to the parents who encouraged and motivated their children to attend the summer school.

Various interesting games were organized during the graduation ceremony. And the most duteous participant of the summer school received a gift.

The free summer school organized by the Aleppo CCO provided Syrian children and youth with an opportunity to participate in numerous educational and cultural programs during the summer vacations, visit various sites of interest in Yerevan, learn more about renowned Armenian poets, composers and other individuals who played a great role in the history of Armenia. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, children and youth participants of the summer school also attended painting, music and handicrafts classes.

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