Aleppo-NGO: Hovsep Tataryan. A Story of a Volunteer

“Working with Syrian-Armenians is of great importance to me. Aleppo-NGO provided me with an opportunity to be closer than ever to my roots and experience the everyday life of Syrian-Armenians. I hope that these one and a half months had a positive impact on my compatriots. Now that I have this experience, I would like to come back here in the future and serve the needs of Aleppo-NGO and the Syrian-Armenians who found shelter in Armenia.”

(Hovsep Tataryan, volunteer, Sudan)

For about 7 months, Hovsep Tataryan, who arrived in Armenia from Sudan, volunteered at the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization-NGO (Aleppo-NGO). He became actively involved in the organization’s ongoing programs, in particular the “Adopt a Family” emergency humanitarian aid project. Aleppo-NGO was able to host Hovsep Tataryan thanks to its cooperation with Birthright Armenia.

The aforementioned humanitarian project works to support vulnerable Syrian-Armenian families who found shelter in Armenia and solve the living issues they face. This is achieved by providing financial aid and creating primary adequate environment/conditions for Syrian-Armenians and their settlement and integration in Armenia.

The “Adopt a Family” project creates a platform which enables individual benefactors and donors to connect with vulnerable Syrian-Armenian families through Aleppo-NGO and provide them with financial aid.

Hovsep had the opportunity to be in direct connection with the organization’s beneficiaries, serving as a primary link to detect and reveal their needs and classify them according to urgency.

Aleppo-NGO was happy to host Hovsep under its roof. We are grateful for his conscientious and responsible work. We are sure that his contribution will have a positive effect on the implementation of the “Adopt a Family” project and will serve to improve the wellbeing of the Syrian-Armenians living in Armenia.

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