Computer Training Courses to Help Syrian Refugees Become More Competitive in the Labor Market

A new course was launched on May 24, 2018, within the framework of the “Better Future of Syrian-Armenian Youth” project. A group of Syrian refugee youth has been given an opportunity to attend a Microsoft Office Training Course.

The training was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the “Aleppo” compatriotic charitable non-governmental organization (Aleppo-NGO) and WCC Armenian Round Table Foundation (ART)

The training is structured in such a way so that participants will be able to apply what they have learned directly to their work and daily lives.

This the two-month “MS Office 2016” training program will teach the participants flexible and powerful ways to
organize, manage, and present information. The objective is to get students and young professionals engaged in real life situations, so after the training, they can take the skills learned and apply them to everyday scenarios. The course covers the skills needed to create spreadsheets using MS Excel 2016, as well as participants will be introduced also to MS Word and PowerPoint options to be able quickly and confidently create impactful documents and presentations.

With the help of a skilled professional, participants will gain theoretical knowledge and participate in both group and individual practical activities and exercises.

The training program is carried out by the Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT. The Center is equipped with the necessary computers and programs for organizing different types of software training and seminars.

Upon completion of the course, the participants will receive certificates.

Laura Samvelyan, the coordinator of the “Better Future of Syrian-Armenian Youth” project, was present at the first meeting. Welcoming the participants of the program, she said: “We all live in the age of information technology. Nowadays, we can not imagine our lives without computer programs, especially important software programs that are used in all offices, in educational institutions, and in everyday life.”

Syrian-Armenian participant Angela Gasparyan shared her impressions of the meeting. “Although this is still the first lesson I learned a lot about Microsoft Word. The training was very interesting and I think that the new knowledge I gained through the program can be used to look for a job,” she said.

“Better Future for Syrian-Armenian Youth” project aims to empower Syrian-Armenian youth, who escaped the ongoing conflict in Syria and settled in Armenia, through training and capacity building activities.

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