Mentorship through Art for Active Participation at Civic Life

On December 14, 2018, in the framework of “Refugee Women as Change Initiators” project, the group of Syrian women was hosted in the studio of painter Armine Tumanyan.

The displaced women, whose working field is closely connected to art, by participating in the Syrian refugee women empowerment project, expressed their wish to get mentorship by artist, who is actively participating in the Armenian civic life and initiating social programs.

In the framework of the project, painter Armine Tumanyan acts as a mentor by sharing her experience and knowledge with Syrian women, who love art and raise awareness of the problems through it.

“The obstacles and difficulties of life give strength to people. On the other hand, every human being has his own unique talent which lightly expresses when the person appears in difficult conditions. I saw hidden potential in Syrian women whom I met, which [in my opinion] could not be expressed through a prosperous life. Each woman has her own unique aspiration for developing skills and talent in Armenia. It is with great pleasure that I am sharing my knowledge with the project participants. I will surely encourage our further communication and already created friendship’’, said painter Armine Tumanyan at her speech.

“When you don’t have a specific qualification in the art field, but you love putting thoughts on the paper through colors, moreover, you are trying to confront existing problems through it, you are always having a desire to meet the one, who will enrich your personal development path by her professional advice. I felt such encouragement when I met painter Armine Tumanyan. Learning more about her activities directed to raise awareness of social issues and promote the welfare of society, I felt new power and enthusiasm for moving forward and reaching my goals. The meeting was the continuation of the implemented project directed to strengthening Syrian women that I got a chance to participate in. We have gained important knowledge for self-development. Now it is time to newly explore that world full of knowledge”,- notes participant Azatuhi Minasyan after the meeting.

Aleppo-NGO implements ‘‘Refugee Women as Change Initiators’’ project funded by the US Embassy in Armenia within the framework of the “US Alumni Fund.” The main goals of the project are to promote the socio-civic integration of Syrian displaced women by introducing them to Armenian civil society organizations, developing their capacity for engagement, emphasizing the importance of women’s active participation in public processes, as well as building women’s capacity for representing and defending their own views and rights.


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