Gasia Karagulian’s Contribution to “Host a Family” Housing Project

After initiating and implementing the “Host a Family” housing project, Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO) has been able to uniquely support the housing challenges facing Syrian refugees who have sought refuge as a result of the conflict in Syria.

“Host a Family” is being carried out with the support of generous philanthropists who purchase houses for themselves and provide long-term temporary housing for the most vulnerable of Syrian families in Armenia.

Mrs. G. Karagulian, concerned with the plight of Syrian refugees, made a generous donation to the housing program and, granted an apartment to a Syrian refugee family with the right of temporary and gratuitous use.

Aleppo-NGO and the Syrian family beneficiary would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mrs. G. Karagulian for believing in Aleppo-NGO’s mission and giving life to the “Host a Family” humanitarian housing program.

The aim of “Host a Family” project  is to provide essential resources to Syrian refugees by providing shelter and  other essential priority items to those who have been  injured and displaced as a result of Syrian crisis.

Within the framework of the project, the apartments are being obtained by the means of benefactors and on the contractual basis being temporary and free of charge to the most vulnerable Syrian families sheltered in Armenia. The houses belong to philanthropists and the vulnerable families temporarily live in the provided houses free of charge.

In the frame of the project, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) provides furniture for the obtained apartments according to the Exchange of Letters signed between UNHCR and Aleppo-NGO.

The project is implemented with the financial assistance of donors, who are buying flats in Armenia, and provide Syrian families in need with home without any charge and under the set conditions.

Aleppo-NGO is also cooperating with Global Hope Network International by offering houses to Syrian refugees in the Spitak, Lori region of Armenia.


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