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Helium 10’s all-in-one tool suite is a conversation between us, e-commerce enthusiasts, and you—the entrepreneurial Amazon seller. Our daily grind revolves around solving your problems. Gain serious advantages for every step of the selling process.

Helium 10 is a product research and SEO software that includes a suite of tools to help Amazon sellers optimize and grow their business. There are a total of 12 versatile and intuitive tools that can be used to find product ideas, identify the competition, discover profitable keywords and track the success of selected products with the help of keyword rankings. If you are searching for a Helium 10 discount code plans. Well, it’s your lucky day. We are offering discount coupons for you.

Online sales tools have become a necessity in today’s saturated market. They are used by nearly every single online business and they are necessary in order to gain an edge over the competition. Not all of them are the same, and they offer very different types of options to exploit niches and potential markets.

What is certain though is that they all focus on finding a niche and exploiting it in order to boost your sales. They work on your SEO, your listings, and the rankings that your products have on sales platforms like Amazon. This increases the likelihood of you getting a much better sales rank and boosting sales.

What are Online Sales Tools?

You can think of online sales tools as being equalizers for small businesses. Since small businesses that are starting out don’t really have the kind of capital and resources to get volumes of data to do research on, they rely on sales tools in order to get that data.

This data then helps them sell their products much better and optimize them to sell on platforms like Amazon. This way, they can compete with the top players on Amazon without the need to pay up extra just to rise a little in the rankings.


16 tools in 1 to use on your Amazon Seller Account, featuring:

Follow Up
A 2019 new tool for customer email automation to help you on:

Getting reviews
Improving seller feedback ratings
Reducing negative reviews
Providing extra value to your customers
Long story short: this feature will help you get more reviews, which will lead you to more sales velocity and better organic rankings on Amazon.

Helium 10 Keyword Tools

Helium 10 offers a large range of keyword tools that help you drive traffic to your platform. These keyword tools can usually give you the best keywords and insert them into your content. You can even track the keywords as they age and replace them if they’re not working.

The keyword tools that follow here cater to different aspects of optimization, and they benefit from the billions of data points that Helium 10 collects within its database.

Helium 10 Magnet

This is their keyword research tool. You enter a seed keyword, and Magnet will spit out a huge list of long-tail keywords. Let’s continue with the product we found during our product research. We enter our main keyword: “back posture corrector” in the keyword tool, and it will output long-tail keywords. So now we know that people also use the following search terms when looking for our product: “Posture corrector shoulder brace” & “Back support”. We will use these keywords in our listing to make sure our product will be found in the search results.

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