“Aleppo” CCO Delivered Humanitarian Aid to Syrians in Need

photoIn February “ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable Non-Governmental Organization announced that clothing for different seasons for women and men of different ages were received as a humanitarian aid. It invited the Syrians, registered in the Organization, to come to its office, in order for them to receive the abovementioned assistance.

photo_1On February 11, during 14:00-18:00 the volunteers of the “ALEPPO” Organization have been delivering to the members of approximately 110 families their required clothing, blankets and first emergency food. President of the Organization Ani Balkhian, replying to the questions of the guests, said “Today we have put a start to a good tradition, which, I assure you, would be continuous”.

One of the children thanked “ALEPPO”, underlining, that he really needed the provided assistance and was very happy to receive the gifts. “ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable Non-Governmental Organization continues to stay loyal to its mission to support families and individuals, affected by the Syrian crisis.

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