A Humanitarian Program Supported by Various Parts of the World

Since 2013, Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO) has provided humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees settled in Armenia as a result of the Syrian conflict.

Humanitarian aid, including food, hygiene and clothing packages, financial aid, medical aid and household expenses, as well as gift cards, are provided throughout the year.

The humanitarian assistance project is implemented through the support of local and international organizations and individual benefactors who believe in the organization’s activities and pay attention to the needs of Syrian refugees settled in Armenia as a result of the Syrian conflict.

In 2018, local and international organizations and individual benefactors joined the humanitarian assistance program and provided vital support to Syrian refugee families, among them are:

Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Carmen Gulbenkians

“Armenia Artsakh” Fund

“World Vision Armenia” Charitable Organization

“Metsn Nerses” Charitable Foundation

“UMCOR Armenia” Charitable Foundation

“Focus on Children Now” Charitable Organization

Embassy of Switzerland in Armenia

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Armenia

“ArmSwissBank” CJSC

Benevolent Union of the Employees of “VEGA” LLC

His Eminence Archbishop Anoushavan Tanielian

Fr. Mesrob Lakisian, Saint Gregory the Illuminator (New York)

Holy Trinity of Armenia

Mr. and Mrs. Ashot and Lora Tunians

Razmik Khachatrian

Mihran Balkhian

Avedis Karagulian

Mr. and Mrs. Hrach and Tamar Gevoyans

Jano Ohannes Khtanian

Arush Yesayan

George Bertikian

Avag Petrossian

Varduhi Yacoubian

Arshak Petrossian

Khoren and Raffy Kassabians

Boghos Yakoubian

Aleksi Fattal

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Adrineh Mcombers

Mr. and Mrs. Harout and Nora Yesayans

Mr. and Mrs. Yeghia and Azniv Bertikians

Rubina Nazarian

Elizabeth Kuyumjian

Hmayak Sanosian

Hrayr Poghikian

Mher Keshishian

Mano Shkhrtmian

Krikor Arslanian

Paghtik Hakobjian

Martik Yemenjian

Mikael Shadoyan

Raffy Karagashian

Lorane Bakus

Management of “Derian” Restaurant

Beno Banoyan

Hovig Baghdasarian

Nazo Fakjian

Gevorg Tatoyan

Salby Karagulian

Charles Martin

Albert Sapunjian

Nushik Zakarian

Andranik Baharian

Hamest Hakobjan

Sarkis Tufenkjian

Salby Tankukian

Aro Sadakian

Marina Balabanian

Sako Nersesian

Yester Karapetian

Mayda Kazanjian

Heghnar Kazanjian

Aleppo-NGO once again expresses its deep appreciation to all the institutions and individual benefactors who have demonstrated their trust and support to the program to contribute to the implementation of the humanitarian program and provide vital assistance to displaced persons.