“ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable Non-Governmental Organization is established by a group of Syrian-Armenians, in application of the heroic role of the Syrian people, who protected and assisted Armenian Genocide survivors, Armenians, in 1915.

The Establishment of “ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable Non-Governmental Organization became pressing in summer 2012, when large growth of influx of compatriots was registered caused by brutal conditions of increasingly heated war in Aleppo. Recognizing issues that face compatriots in confronting difficulties in a new country they moved, current founder president of the organization Ms. Ani Balkhian came up with an idea to establish charitable non-governmental organization, in order to support compatriots through joint work.

With many years of experience of union work Syrian-Armenian women, in particular Rita Karagoulian, Tsovik Baytarian, as well as US-Armenian Maral Karakashian, supporting the idea proposed by Ms. Ani Balkhian, established “ALEPPO” CCO by the joint efforts, bringing together Syrian-Armenian women residing in Yerevan.

Sarkis Balkhian and Raffi Karakashian also had their great role in the process of realization of organization’s founding idea, who having series of meetings with businessmen and community members living not only in Armenia, but also abroad, supported the establishment of organization and promoted its performance.

The founding meeting was convened on August 17, 2013. The participants voted unanimously in favor of creating the “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Non-Governmental Organization and pledged their commitment to the realization of the organization’s mission and objectives.

At the founding meeting, the members unanimously elected Ani Balkhian as the president of the organization, who in turn assumed the responsibility of registering the NGO.

The founding members of the organization are women and youth, who recognize the plight of the Syrian Refugee and IDP situation, and the vast need for implementing humanitarian relief programs to alleviate the situation.

Accordingly, “ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable Non-Governmental Organization is founded and officially registered in Motherland on October 28, 2013.

Since its establishment, “ALEPPO” CCO ensures assistance to the most vulnerable Syrian and Syrian-Armenian families living in Armenia, via provision of food, clothing, necessary items, develops and implements durable projects facilitating settlement and integration of Syrians and Syrian-Armenian living in Armenia.

Founding Members

Salpi Akaragian (USA), Sona Azelian, Zadig Balabanian, Ani Balkhian, Sarkis Balkhian, Sossie Balkhian, Dzovig Baytarian, Hasmig Berberian, Aren Berejiklian, Mirey Boyajian, Ani Chalian, Talin Chemberjian, Dikran Kapoyan, Rita Karagulian, Salpi Karagulian, Tsoler Karagulian, Maral Karakashian (USA), Salpi Kasbarian (Syria), Mher Keshishian, Gacia Keshishian, Berj Kirazian, Diana Kirazian, Varty Kouyoumjian, Aida Minassian, Lea Papazian (Germany), Razmig Tirarian, Sevan Tufenkjian, Barkevouhi Vartabedian, Betty Yessayan