“ALEPPO” CCO․ Humanitarian Aid to Syrian–Armenian Families

A humanitarian aid distribution was held in the center of “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable NGO on March 30th. “Aleppo” CCO provided humanitarian assistance to beneficiary families. The aid was rendered by “Mets Nerses” charitable organization.

“Aleppo” Organization expresses its deep gratitude to “Mets Nerses” charitable organization for focusing on the problems of the Syrian-Armenian community and providing humanitarian assistance to Syrian-Armenians in need.

“Aleppo” CCO provides emergency relief assistance to vulnerable Syrian families affected by the devastation of the Syrian crisis and residing in Armenia. Today, more than 1500 Syrian families (respectively 5000 Syrians in need) vulnerable groups registered in “Aleppo” CCO, benefit from the generosity of this Humanitarian Aid.

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