“Aleppo” CCO Celebrated its Second Anniversary

On October 28, 2015, “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable NGO celebrated the second anniversary of its activity.

Being founded in 2013 in the homeland, the board of “Aleppo” organization pursued the goal of uniting the potential of individuals who are interested in the issue of Syrian-Armenians and with joint efforts support sons and daughters of Mother Colony, who are facing hardships.

The organization has been operating for two years only, but it has already succeeded in developing and implementing vital programs for the well-being of Syrian-Armenians.

Today, the organization provides humanitarian aid to more than 4800 Syrian-Armenian people sheltered in Armenia; 60 Syrian-Armenians in need had the opportunity of moving from Lebanon to Armenia, in the framework of the “Save a Life” project initiated by the organization; more than 3 Syrian-Armenian families obtained houses in Yerevan without rental fee in the framework of the “Host a Family” project by “Aleppo” CCO; more than 100 Syrian young people are part of the Youth Participation project to build their bright future in Armenia.

“Aleppo” CCO has developed separate projects, aimed at the well-being of Syrian-Armenian women and children. Today, “Arevik-Armenia” Center for children and adults with disabilities operates under the patronage of the organization. As for the Syrian-Armenian women trainings have been organized for the development of women entrepreneurship, for promoting their economic participation and improving social conditions.

Hand in hand with the Women’s Committee and the Social Committee, Youth and Teen Councils, individual donors, international and local institutions and organizations, the Executive Body of the “Aleppo” CCO with united efforts builds reliable future for Armenians, who have seen the tragedy of the war and have taken the migration path again.

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the organization, the members of the Executive Body, namely Founding President Mrs. Ani Balkhian, Vice-President Dzovig Magarian-Baytarian, delivered congratulatory speeches.

The members of the Executive Body, the Women’s Committee and the Social Committee, Youth and Teen councils also congratulated the organization and expressed words of gratitude.

“We are sure that together, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, through equal steps, supporting each other and having faith in tomorrow’s brighter day, we will manage to reach our cherished dream and see Syrian-Armenians, world spread Armenians in peace, well-to-do, prosperous and safe”, with these words Mrs. Dzovig Magarian-Baytarian marked the beginning of the 3rd anniversary of the organization.

“Aleppo” CCO expresses its deep gratitude to the individuals, institutions and organizations, which diligently assisted and continue supporting the activities of the organization without hesitation.

We are strong together with all of you. We are, we work for the sake of tomorrow’s bright future, for the sake of the endless faith towards the world peace, and the safe existence of nations.