“Aleppo” CCO Participated in UNHCR Refugee Protection Workshop

“Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Organization represented by the Vice President Mrs. Tsovik Baytarian participated in a UNHCR workshop on refugee protection issues, which took place in November 25-26, 2015.

Mrs. Baytarian made a power point presentation on the organization’s various activities and current projects such as “Host a family”, “Save a life”, “Adopt a family”, “Social psychological support”, Felting classes for Syrian-Armenian women, and “Syrian-Armenian youth for better future in Armenia”.

Mrs. Baytarian also referred to the challenges faced by the Syrian-Armenians in Syria and Armenia, spoke about the relocation possibilities and ways of Syrian-Armenians from Syria to Armenia, also talked about the displacement and migration flows, and underlined current in-country refugee distributions, especially in Yerevan and across the regions. She also highlighted the primary needs of the Syrian-Armenians in Armenia and possible solutions.

The workshop enabled the platform to identify the current challenges faced by Syrian-Armenians in Armenia, on which the providing support will be based upon.

The “Aleppo” organization, attaching high importance to the conduction of such events, thanked the UNHCR Armenia office for the productive workshop.