Aleppo CCO: The Kaloustian family is relocated to Armenia from Aleppo

On October 11, 2016, the four members of the Kaloustian family were relocated to Armenia from Aleppo, Syria. One-way tickets to Armenia for Jean and Gohar Kaloustians, as well as their children, Rita and Gevorg, were purchased with the donations by the benefactors of the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization’s “Save a Life” program.

Upon learning the story of Gohar Kaloustian and her family’s struggle through the civil war in Syria from a news report shared by the “Arevelk” news media and taking into consideration the desire expressed by the Kaloustians to move to Armenia as a safe country, the Aleppo CCO immediately included the four members of the family in its “Save a Life” program and with the support of the benefactors managed to secure the relocation of the family to Armenia.

Aleppo CCO expresses its deepest gratitude to all individuals and institutions for their humanitarian aid that helps to save lives. It is thanks to your support that Aleppo CCO representatives are able to give a warm welcome at the Zvartnots airport to those Syrians who are willing to move to Armenia.