Aleppo NGO and IDeA Foundation Continue to Support Displaced Persons from Syria

Within the framework of Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO) and the Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation’s ongoing cooperation, eight vulnerable refugee families, currently sheltered in Armenia as a result of the Syrian conflict, will be provided with financial support for six months.

Since April 2015, Aleppo-NGO has run the “Adopt a Family” humanitarian program, which aims to provide a dignified life to Syrian Armenians through the provision of monthly financial aid to address vital needs, in particular food and utility costs.

The “Adopt a Family” program offers assistance to Syrian-Armenian families in vulnerable situations, whose members are unable to work due to age, labour market discrimination, disabilities, and thus have no income.

“By implementing this program, we are able to mitigate some of the socio-economic challenges faced by Syrian families in Armenia,” said Ani Balkhian, the founding president of Aleppo-NGO.

Getting acquainted with the situation of vulnerable families involved in the program, individual benefactors provide monthly financial assistance to families included in the “Adopt a Family” program.

The program also focuses on helping children with disabilities, as well as single parents with multiple underage children who are unable to work to provide income for their children.

The program has been implemented for the past three years with the help of individual benefactors from around the world. IDeA Foundation is the first organization to support the “Adopt a Family” program, emphasizing the importance of securing a dignified life for displaced persons.

The “Adopt a Family” humanitarian program reaches people affected by the Syrian Conflict, not only those who have suffered material losses, but also people who have lost family members. The program stands beside them to help address their basic needs. You can join this humanitarian program as a beneficiary and assist families in the program by making online donations.