Aleppo-NGO’s Participation in the Workshop on Work with Displaced Children

A workshop on “The Peculiarities of Organizing Work with Displaced Children in the Context of Case Management” took place on 26-27 November 2018, in Aghveran. The workshop was organized by the Children’s Support Center of Fund for Armenian Relief with the support of UNHCR. There were employees from various organizations, including Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO), who work to ensure dignified living conditions for Syrian refugees living in Armenia.

The workshop topics on the agenda were the protection of children and conceptual approaches to child welfare, as well as the child protection in emergency situations, case management with displaced children, stress management in emergency situations, child care cases referral procedures, the process of defining the best benefit for a child without accompanying or separated from the family and other relevant issues.

The participants gained extensive knowledge about work with displaced children, enhanced theoretical knowledge, conducted interesting discussions and shared their experiences during the workshop.

It is worth to mention that Aleppo-NGO highly pays to the needs of displaced Syrian children in Armenia. Syrian refugee children with mental and physical disabilities have received inclusive education, care, mental and physical therapy, as well as psychological support at the Arevik-Armenia Center.

On the other initiative of Aleppo-NGO, every Saturday youth gathering has been organized for Syrian refugee children and teenagers. The aim of the gathering is to organize the time of Syrian children and to promote their personal development by providing them non-formal education.

As well as, “Socio-Psychological Assistance for Syrians” project also provided psychological support to the children, helping them integrate into Armenian life.