Adopt a Family

Donors/Partners: Individual Donors

Implementing Organization: Aleppo-NGO

Project Duration: Ongoing since June 2015

Major Goal: To address the living issues faced by vulnerable Syrian families sheltered in Armenia through the provision of financial aid to ensure adequate living conditions, allowing them to focus on acclimation and integration.

Description: Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, thousands of Syrians have moved to Armenia. These displaced, relocated, and war-affected families, individuals and vulnerable groups frequently come with little to no resources and need immediate assistance to obtain any degree of normalcy. Aleppo-NGO launched the “Adopt a Family” humanitarian emergency project in response to this need.

The “Adopt a Family” project connects individual donors with vulnerable Syrian families, individuals, and groups seeking refuge in Armenia. Donors provide financial aid, allowing the families to secure adequate living conditions, further facilitating their settlement and integration in Armenia.

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