Save a Family: Lebanese and Syrians Fleeing to Armenia

Implementing Organization: Aleppo-NGO


Project Duration: Ongoing


Major Goal: To provide emergency aid and access to Aleppo-NGO’s other developmental programs for Lebanese citizens repatriating to Armenia due to the economic crisis in Lebanon and the 2020 Beirut Explosion.



In May 2020, “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO) made an executive decision to include Lebanese citizens in all of its ongoing humanitarian aid, educational initiatives, capacity building programs, income generation, and healthcare related programs and projects. This initiative was further bolstered in response to the catastrophic Beirut Explosion of August 4, 2020 which has thus far forced upwards of 1,000 Lebanese citizens to seek refuge in Armenia. Applying its expertise, Aleppo-NGO has allocated emergency assistance for these particularly vulnerable Lebanese-Armenians moving to Armenia.


The following Aleppo-NGO projects and programs will be available to prospective Lebanese beneficiaries:


  • Bright Future for Youth Project (Funded by WCC-Armenia Round Table Foundation):
    • Youth Entrepreneurship Funds (1,500,000 AMD each) are currently available for local, Lebanese, Syrian, and other refugee and migrant youth to apply
    • University Scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PHD level students
    • Paid-Internships (50,000 AMD per month for at least 3-months) for Bachelor’s Degree Students (Juniors and Seniors), Master’s Degree Students or recent graduates
    • Capacity building trainings (register to “Bright Future for Youth” Facebook Group to learn more about different training opportunities).

  • “Warm Winter” Program:
    • Distribution of 2,000 medical eyeglasses (+1.5 and +2.5 eyesight) for Lebanese-Armenians.
    • Distribution of 1,000 toothbrushes and other hygiene products for Lebanese-Armenians.
    • Distribution of Calcite winter jackets for vulnerable Lebanese-Armenians.


  • “Save a Family” Program: Distribution of financial aid and food and hygiene vouchers to vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian families who arrived to Armenia following the collapse of the Lebanese economy in September 2019. The distribution of aid takes place within three months of registering at Aleppo-NGO, following a thorough needs assessment and selection process.

  • “Host a Family” (Housing) Program: Reach out directly to Aleppo-NGO to inquire about the availability of free mid-term (up to 12 months) housing in Yerevan and Spitak.


  • Socio-Psychological Support Group:
    • Different lecturers and guest speakers from different fields educate beneficiaries on topics such as, women’s health issues, social issues, cultural issues, human rights, etc. Meetings take place at Aleppo-NGO’s office (via Zoom since March 2020 due to COVID-19).
    • To participate in the meetings, please contact at: Vania Msrie: Tel. 098/055 421391
    • FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center Online Consultations and Therapy Sessions.


Work Language:

Depending on the availability of staff members and volunteers, Aleppo-NGO is able to explain policies, procedures, and provide services in Armenian (Eastern and Western), Arabic, English, and Turkish.

How to Reach Aleppo-NGO?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in Armenia and our impeding relocation from our headquarters (currently located at 160/7 Antarain St. -1), we advise all our beneficiaries and prospective beneficiaries to reach out to us to arrange an appointment before visiting our office:

Via email at:;

Via Facebook message at:;

Via telephone at: +374 98 545361, +374-10-54-53-69

Overview of Aleppo-NGO’s Policies:

Aleppo-NGO retains the right to deny services to anyone (regardless of gender, nationality, sexual orientation, citizenship, country of origin, socio-economic status) as it strives to accurately conduct needs assessments through (including but not limited to) the acquisition of personal-legal documents, house visits, contact information, and references in and beyond Armenia, etc. and takes into consideration budgetary restrictions;

As a non-governmental organization registered in the Republic of Armenia, Aleppo-NGO is only accountable to the appropriate authorities of the Republic of Armenia and its institutional and private donors, not beneficiaries. Being a Syrian-Armenian, Lebanese-Armenian, refugee (de facto or de jure), does not automatically qualify someone to receive assistance provided by Aleppo-NGO. The organization is neither obliged to provide assistance nor provide an explanation as to why a request for assistance was denied to a prospective beneficiary;

Every project and program implemented by Aleppo-NGO has its own terms and conditions, including implementation guidelines and policies, often agreed upon with donors prior to the acquisition of funds, and as such selection criteria of beneficiaries and conditions and obligations placed upon beneficiaries may vary depending on the source of funding and the terms and conditions of a specific program.


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