Social Psychological Support for Syrian Youth

Donors/Partners: Individual Donors

Implementing Organization: Aleppo-NGO

Project Duration: Ongoing since June 2015

Major Goal: To provide social-psychological support to war-affected youth from Syria.

Brief Description: Since the establishment of Aleppo-NGO, one of the key priority areas of the organization has been to support young people who lost relatives and suffered material damage due to Syrian Civil War.

Aleppo-NGO recognizes that most areas of humanitarian aid have socio-psychological components that play significant roles in the recovery process of people who survived tragic experiences. For this reason, the organization carries out regular meetings to ensure that all war-affected, Syrian young people receive the socio-psychological support they need.

Through weekly meetings at Aleppo-NGO’s office, youth have the opportunity to interact with others experiencing similar struggles, sharing their experiences and healthy coping methods. These meetings have been an essential part of preserving the spiritual-moral qualities of Syrian youth, as well as working towards the restoration of their social-psychological well-being and successful integration into the local community.

Project Updates

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