American Armenian benefactor Shoghik Manukyan’s humanitarian aid aimed at solving problems faced by Syrian Armenians settled in Armenia

Throughout its history, the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable NGO had the honor of cooperating with Armenians from around the world who expressed their readiness and desire to contribute to the welfare of the Syrian Armenian families settled in Armenia and aid them in their needs.

Entirely devoting themselves to this humanitarian cause, these people direct all their efforts to help Syrian Armenians to overcome major problems they face in their everyday lives, deprived of home.

Today, Aleppo-NGO would like to express its deepest gratitude to American Armenian benefactor Shoghik Manukyan who, being part of the organization’s “Adopt a Family” emergency humanitarian aid program, provides continuous financial assistance to displaced Syrian Armenian families, individuals and vulnerable groups who have found refuge in Armenia. Shoghik Manukyan helps to solve the everyday problems faced by Syrian Armenians, creates primary favorable conditions and environment for their settlement and integration. 2 Syrian Armenian families are now under Ms. Manukyan’s patronage.

Aleppo-NGO is very proud to be the institution that creates the bridge between You, dear Ms. Manukyan, and Syrian Armenian families who found shelter in Armenia, in order to achieve a decent and prosperous life for them.

This is our mission. And we will always be grateful to You for supporting us Syrian Armenians, because it’s not a material support only, but a clear evidence that we’re not alone in our activities, and that Syrian Armenians are not alone in their stand against the many problems they face.

We’re proud to have You as a member of our family, and may God bless all Your charitable initiatives.