Another Opportunity for Growth: Young People Take Part in the SMM Training

The social media marketing training envisaged by the Capacity Building component of the “Bright Future for Youth” program has already launched, aiming to support refugee and local youth to obtain and enhance their skills and knowledge, thus increasing their competitiveness in the Armenian labor market.

The course has been selected as a result of a poll conducted among young people, taking into account its demand and the number of available jobs. After receiving price offers from different training centers, the “Business Development Group”, a company having a lot of experience in the sphere, was chosen.

The training participants get acquainted with the concept, goals, and objectives of digital marketing, learn how to develop a content strategy and sales models, as well as how to use visualization tools. They are taught skills of effective management of personal pages and groups on various social media platforms, and get familiar with the subtleties of running business pages.

The first 10 out of 20 selected participants have already started the online training on May 11. The other 10 participants are projected to take part in the course in July.

In the upcoming sessions, the SMM course participants will get acquainted with the tools of social network page development, advertisement management, and boosting strategies.

At the end of the course, participants will take an exam, and those who successfully pass it will get certificates.

We are confident that the course will make the participants competitive professionals, enabling them to take confident steps in their career, and find their dream job.