Another Shipment of Humanitarian Aid Delivered

As promised, “ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable Non-Governmental Organization continues to deliver humanitarian aid to the Syrians, residing in Armenia. From March 30 to April 5, “ALEPPO” NGO delivered clothing and food received from the US to Syrians.

President of the “ALEPPO” NGO Ani Balkhian, expressing her gratitude to the donors, underlined the importance of the cooperation with likewise individuals and organizations. “When we put together our efforts, the results always exceed the expectations”,- she said.

A woman from Syria who has been living in Armenia for already 2 years and is a beneficiary of “ALEPPO” attached high importance to the activity carried out by “ALEPPO” compatriotic Charitable Organization. According to her what Organization does is vital for supporting them in this difficult situation. Expressing her special gratitude, սhe underlined: ”What makes “ALEPPO” different from other organizations is that the founders thereof are Syrians, so they have a better understanding of current obstacles”.

“ALEPPO” NGO wants to inform that there are still clothing and food received from America left at its office, which should be handed out to Syrians in need in the near future.

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