Bringing the “Arevik” Center to Armenia: Meeting with Parents

Closing in on it’s 13th year of services, the “Arevik” Center for Individuals with Special Needs in Aleppo was forced to shut its doors, due to the danger the ongoing warfare wrought upon the local population. The “Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization” NGO, with special efforts taken by President Ani Balkhian and active member Alin Momjian, reopened the center’s services, but this time in Armenia. Children with special needs of Syrian families who have escaped the destruction of the Syrian war have once again been given the opportunity to enjoy the center’s ongoing activities, this time within the NGO’s safe walls.

The first meeting took place on the NGO premises on September 24, 2014, at 11 am in the morning. Ms Alin Momjian bid all a war welcome, before expressing the need for such social services in order to ensure children with special needs are provided with a social setting in which they can feel safe, interact with their peers and learn new things. The “Arevik” center’s goals and core values were expounded, as well as the future plans for the center, resulting in much excitement over the prospect of catering to the needs of these children. The day’s guests shared their warm enthusiasm and personal ideas with the directorial board and hardworking membership, expressing their willingness to take part in helping shape the future of the “Arevik” center in Armenia.