Call For The Entire Humanity: The Situation in Aleppo is Critical

Deadly Blasts Rip Through Aleppo, Syria


Call for the Entire Humanity,

The last days, due to critical situation in Aleppo, numerous Syrian-Armenians have applied “ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable Non-Governmental Organization, to help their vulnerable relatives, who escaped the war in Aleppo and moved to Lebanon to obtain on-way ticket to Armenia.

Given the extremely difficult situation of the Armenian Community: “ALEPPO” Organization calls to listen to and provide possible support to our compatriots, who are in difficulty and applied for a help to move from Lebanon to Armenia, as a safe country.

This aid doesn’t mean evacuation of the community, as it is not going to be a massive relocation. This call refers only to those Syrian-Armenians, who are unable to move from Lebanon to Armenia due to financial reasons.

It is worth to note, that the one-way ticket fee required for relocation of each person from Lebanon to Armenia amounts to:

  • 360 – 380$ (one-way ticket for MEA Aircraft from Lebanon to Armenia, including 30kg baggage).


  • 285$ (one-way ticket for FlyDubai Aircraft destination Lebanon, Dubai, Armenia, including 30kg baggage).


  • 265$ (one-way ticket for FlyDubai Aircraft destination Lebanon, Dubai, Armenia, including 20kg baggage).

Including these in-country transfer expenses:

  • 50$ (transfer cost per person, including 2 suitcases, by bus):
  • 17$ (fee for Exit Visa to cross the border),
  • 20$ (taxi cost to reach the Lebanon Airport);
  • 8$ (transfer cost from Yerevan Airport).
  • 25$ (other costs that should be provided to a traveling person).

The Total amount per person is 488$.

This calculation is made taking into account that 1$=290 Syrian Liras.

Each Sponsor will be given a contact information of Sponsored person.

For more details please call “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Non-Governmental Organization via the following phone numbers:


All those, who want to help Aleppo-Armenians, can make transfers on-line (the form is below) or to bank accounts of the organization.

An additional message about the donation or to the organization.