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The center of children and adults with disabilities (mental and physical) established 13 years ago in Aleppo has been forced to shut its doors after many years of performance, due to the danger of the ongoing war in Syria. Children and adults with disabilities of “Arevik” Center who have escaped the destruction of the Syrian war have once again been given the opportunity to enjoy the center’s ongoing activities, this time within “Aleppo” CCO’s safe walls since October 2014. Currently, ten children and adults with disabilities attend the center.

Center provides free classes on math, painting, music, sport, physiological support, as well as theater-therapy and speech development by the dedicated group of teachers and staff at the center. Center covers their transportation expenses home-to center and vice versa, and provides food (breakfast or lunch).

Implementation of cultural activities is of high importance for the center, as it facilitates effective integration of individuals into civil society. However, to sustain center’s vitality and performance efficiency, “Aleppo” CCO continuously seeks for lasting solutions and support, as the center entirely runs on account of temporary sponsorships and raised funds.