Charitable exhibition-sale at Aleppo CCO

Devoted to its mission, Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable NGO initiates and implements various charitable events aimed at solving the problems faced by the Syrian community settled in Armenia.

On March 9 and 10, 2017, a charitable exhibition-sale to support the activities of the “Arevik-Armenia” center for individuals with disabilities took place at the center of the Aleppo CCO. The event was initiated by the Women’s Council of the “Arevik-Armenia” center of the organization.

The founding member of the Aleppo CCO Tsovik Paytaryan and “Arevik-Armenia” center’s chairman of custody Lusin Shohmelyan welcomed the guests in their opening remarks at the opening ceremony.

Handicrafts and various dishes of oriental cuisine prepared by Syrians settled in Armenia were presented at the exhibition-sale.

To remind, the “Arevik-Armenia” center of the Aleppo CCO provides educational, sports and cultural classes and trainings to Syrian individuals with special needs who are settled in Armenia, aiming at easing their everyday life and support their integration in civil life.

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