Financial Assistance to 320 Syrian families on the Eve of New Year

On 27-29 December 2019, Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO), within the framework of the “Warm Winter” project, this year too, provided financial aid to 320 Syrian refugee families sheltered in Armenia.

The project is being implemented already several years, which brings together local and international organizations and individual benefactors with the aim of alleviating families’ holiday expenses to some extent. Among vulnerable Syrian-Armenian families are children, people with disabilities, orphans, the elderly and single parents.

Thanks to the partnership, more than 300 families each year receive food packages, a gift card to buy food, or assistance of warm clothing and shoes.

Aleppo-NGO expresses its deep gratitude to international and local organizations, as well as individual benefactors for their trust, their donations and for being next to Syrian families.

We would like to thank benefactors։

Mr. George Berdikian, Director of “Nice Shoes” shop,

Directory of “Lee Deluxe” Chocolate Company,

Mihran Balkhian,

Hrair Boghikian,

Arush Yesaian,

Hrach Geoeanian,

Michael Shatoian,

Harut Keoyleian,

Movses Baghdasarian,

Alice Asadourian,

Maral Taragchian,

Tamar Khachatourian,

Grigor Stepanian,

Silva Gablanian,

Abig Karagoulian,

Toros Pasmachian,

Varouzh Yesaian,

Vigen Chemperchian,

Koko Shekoian,

Avedis Karagoulian,

Garni and Hovsep Grigorians,

Lora Basmachian,

Avag Bedrossian,

Tigran Berberian,

Elizabeth Kouyoumdjian,

Sharl Martini,

Harut Yesaian,

Kevork Boyajian,

Haig Byuzandian,

Sarkis Kazanjian,

Hamest Hagopjian,

Gevorg Hakobjian,

Angel Chemberjian,

Vrej Boghosian, the directory of “Derian” restaurant

An anonymous benefactor.