Fundraising luncheon of Aleppo CCO in New Jersey, USA

On October 27, 2016, representatives of the Executive Board of the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization organized a fundraising luncheon in “Krichian Grill and Bistro” restaurant in New Jersey, USA, for the benefit of the Syrian Armenians settled in Armenia to overcome their everyday problems.

Representative of the Executive Board of Aleppo CCO in the USA Rachel Nadjarian welcomed all the guests in her opening speech, expressing her gratitude to all the attendees for their participation and contribution to the implementation of the charitable event.

Another representative of the Executive Board, Sargis Balkhian made a presentation on the activities of Aleppo CCO, the current and further programs thereof addressed to the establishment and strengthening of the Syrian Armenian community in Armenia.

Prelate Archbishop of the Eastern Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America Oshagan Choloian participated in the luncheon, too, welcoming all the attendees and making a wholehearted speech addressed to the representatives of Aleppo CCO. Highlighting the humanitarian activities of Aleppo CCO, he appealed all the people to assist the organization in the realization of its godly mission.

The initiative of the charitable event was greatly supported by Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Carmen Gulbenkian, who expressed their willingness to duplicate the total profit of the luncheon (7400 USD).

Head of “Krichian Grill and Bistro” restaurant Anahit Krichian had an essential role in the implementation of the luncheon providing the restaurant for free as well as all the treatment during the charitable event.

The TV channel “Voice of America” in New York on behalf of producer Karine Kocharian contributed to publicize the charitable luncheon as well as the activities of Aleppo CCO in the USA.

Aleppo CCO expresses its gratitude to all the people and organizations that have assisted to implement the luncheon. We are thankful for inspiring us and giving a hand to continue our activities for the benefit of the Syrian Armenian community and fostering to build together the bright future of Armenia.