Fundraising to Support Syrian Refugees in Armenia during COVID-19 Emergency Situation

Listening to the concerns of Syrian families under COVID-19 emergency situation in the country, by the initiative of Ani Balkhian, the Founding President of Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable NGO (Aleppo-NGO), a decision was made to organize fundraising campaign on the social network to support vulnerable Syrian and local families in Armenia.

The fundraising campaign was launched on April 10, 2020, through the GoFundMe website. The raised funds are being used for the support to needy Syrian and local Armenian families by providing financial assistance, hygiene items, and food packages.

The campaign was organized taking into account the fact that the real unemployment rate among Syrian refugees in Armenia was 46% before COVID-19, and 63% of Syrian employees were unregistered and undocumented.

Most importantly, unlike the local population of Armenia, who does not have a homeownership problem, 81% of Syrians live on rent. Even in these days, landlords continue to require apartment rents while employers lay off or furlough Syrian workers without pay. Thus, Syrian refugees are not only susceptible to contriving the coronavirus but their entire livelihood is in jeopardy during the pandemic.

Aleppo-NGO expresses its gratitude to the benefactors who contributed to this humanitarian program.

The fundraising campaign is ongoing as the needs of Syrian refugees and locals increase day by day under COVID-19.

To join the fundraiser please follow the link: