Housing Program in Lori Province for Syrian-Armenians

The meeting aimed at addressing housing needs of Syrian-Armenians displaced to Armenia due to ongoing war in Syria, took place on 11 March 2016, in the framework of the “Host a Family” Emergency Housing Project implemented by “ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable Organization.

The site for the implementation of the given initiative is located in neighboring area of Spitak town.

Syrian-Armenian Families, who had housing needs and who wish to reside in the Lori Province attended the meeting.

“Aleppo” Organization’s representative, Naira Margaryan presented the details of the proposed housing conditions and facilities to 65 Syrian-Armenian families. The conditions offered will enable families to settle and to create a prosperous future in their homeland.

It is important to mention that for the relocated Syrian-Armenians the housing issue is a priority. In the framework of this initiative, “Aleppo” CCO cooperates with Global Hope Network International, which carries out “House of Easter” housing project aimed at provision of housing for Syrian-Armenian Families.