Humanitarian Aid for “Aleppo” Organization’s Beneficiaries

On February 5, 85 Syrian-Armenians who recently relocated to Armenia through “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Organization’s “Save a Life” project, received financial humanitarian aid, in amount of 100 USD each, to cope with daily issues faced. The Parish Council of St. Kevork Armenian Church (Texas, USA) made this initiation possible within the “Save a Life” program implemented by “Aleppo” Organization.

“Aleppo” organization expresses its deepest gratitude to the Parish Council of Texas St. Gevorg Church of the United States for the tremendous efforts and continued support in establishment and integration of Syrian-Armenian community in the Homeland. The selfless work and patriotic activities by the Parish Council of Texas St. George Church of the United States deserve the highest appraisal. The care and help of Diaspora Armenians is of great importance for Syrian- Armenians relocated to Armenia. Each assistance provided contributes in a special way to the war-affected Syrian-Armenians, and enables them to build up the bright and prosperous future in their Homeland.