Master Class Dedicated to Embroidery, Lace and Needlework Techniques of Van and Karin

On May 6, 2019, Syrian-Armenian women participated in a lace and needlework embroidery class at Aleppo NGO. The workshop was headed by Armenian embroidery master Armine Atoyan, who taught participants techniques using needle and thread.

The course, organized by Aleppo NGO’s handicraft committee, was aimed at developing embroidery skills among Syrian-Armenian women to help boost their entrepreneurial skills and promote their integration into the Armenian economy and civil life.

Uniqueness of embroidery is found in the ability of each craftsman to express their own taste and mood through their needlework. During the course, participants became acquainted with the lace and needlework techniques and style, indigenous to the Van and Karin regions.

For centuries, embroidery has been widespread across Armenia and nearly all Armenian-populated regions, especially Van-Vaspurakan, Shirak-Karin, Syunik-Artsakh, Ararat province, Kilikia, Caesarea, Constantinople and Tiflis. Today, Armenian embroidery is popular in Yerevan, throughout Armenia, and within diaspora communities.

Unfortunately, ancient samples of Armenian embroidery have not been preserved due to molding in threads. However, by learning and spreading Armenian lace and needlework  skills, the art of embroidery will be transferred through generations and preserved in Armenian culture.

As a reminder, Aleppo-NGO’s handicraft committee organizes various classes and workshops with the aim of developing Syrian-Armenian women’s entrepreneurial skills and promoting their involvement in the Armenian economy and civil life.

For more information on classes please call 010 54 53 69