Member of Aleppo-NGO’s Youth Council Participates in the “Home” Project Aimed at Resolving the Refugee Crisis in Europe

In February 2017, a member of the Youth Council of the Aleppo-NGO, Varty Kouyoumjian, participated in an international youth project, “Home,” co-organized by the Association des Égyptiens au Luxembourg, World Independent Youth Union NGO, Academy of Innovation, and KURO Hradec Králové Organizations. The project aims at resolving the refugee crisis in Europe.

35 youth participants from 10 European countries participated in the trainings that took place in Yerevan.

Within the framework of the project, the member of Aleppo-NGO’s Youth Council Varty Kouyoumjian presented the activities of the organization and its ongoing programs aimed at securing the welfare of the Syrians who were relocated from Syria to Armenia because of the civil war.

At the end of the trainings, the participants developed collective action guidelines with the vision of solid cooperation in the future.

Participating in the international youth program, the member of the Aleppo NGO’s Youth Council acquired useful knowledge and skills that will serve to the development and implementation of new programs by the organization’s Youth Council for the benefit of the Syrian youth settled in Armenia and their involvement in the country’s civil life.

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