Mr. and Mrs. Chalian stand with Syrian displaced families in Armenia

The “Adopt a Family” project has a unique place in the activities of Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization-NGO (Aleppo-NGO), providing Syrian refugee families financial aid every month. The project allows vulnerable Syrian displaced families to face livelihood challenges, particularly to cover their food and utility expenses, and to collect enough money to pay rent.

The “Adopt a Family” project is implemented thanks to individual donors who get acquainted with the problems of Syrian displaced families through Aleppo-NGO and “adopt” the family for about a year, supporting them with their livelihood issues in Armenia.

Mr. and Mrs. Ara Chalian and Talar Tcholakian-Chalian have long had an important role amongst the noble, generous donors of Aleppo-NGO, and, without hesitation, provide vital assistance to needy Syrian displaced families in Armenia.

Thanks to the goodwill of Mr. and Mrs. Chalian, three Syrian displaced families have been “adopted” within the framework of the “Adopt a Family” project receive monthly financial aid, helping them to overcome their problems.

The Chalian family currently sponsor families composed of children, elderly people, people with disabilities, and people with health problems.

The Chalian family and their inspirational selflessness and dedication to Syrian Armenian displaced people through confidence in Aleppo-NGO, is yet another example of collective effort ensuring decent lives for people in difficult situations.