New Year Party for Children

To celebrate the New 2014 “ALEPPO” CCO has organized a party for children and youth from Syria and Armenia. Children from different regions of Armenia took part in the event on the 11th of January. Due to the support of the “Cross of Armenian Unity” children from Echmiadzin also managed to be present at the party. The event, which was held in a warm atmosphere, along with pleasant and unforgettable moments, provided children, who moved to Armenia from Syria, with an opportunity to forget their difficulties at least for couple of hours.
Devoted to its mission, “ALEPPO” CCO tried to make another step toward assisting children from Syria to adapt to new Armenian realities and to engage in a dialogue with their fellows from Armenia.

At the end of the party all the attendees received present from Santa Clause on behalf of the Organization. Representative of the UNHR in Armenia also took part in the party.

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