“Overcoming the Consequences of War Together” Project Participant Organizations Visit Aleppo-NGO

On September 28, 2017, the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization-NGO (Aleppo-NGO) hosted a meeting of representatives from institutions collaborating within the framework of the “Overcoming the Consequences of War Together” project, an initiative organized by the “German-Russian Exchange” NGO and the “Country of Free People” NGO (Ukraine).

Among the institutions representing Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia were the “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO (Armenia), “Sukhumi” Foundation (Georgia), “Country of free people” (Ukraine) and partners from North Caucasus.

Vice-president of Aleppo-NGO, Hayasa Tahmazyan, welcomed the guests to the office of the organization, gave a presentation providing information on Aleppo-NGO’s activities and answered questions raised by the attendees.

Ms. Tahmazyan stressed the importance of the project and drew parallels between its goals and the mission of Aleppo-NGO. Aleppo-NGO works to help vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Armenia overcome the social-psychological consequences of the Syrian crisis and achieve social-economic stability.

The “Overcoming the Consequences of War Together” project was launched in August 2016 and will continue until October 2018.

The project seeks to create a dialogue between civil societies in countries who have faced similar challenges, sharing expertise and experiences to ultimately find long-term solutions to their common problems. The main focus areas include dealing with war-related trauma, combating domestic violence as a consequence of war, overcoming conflict-related discrimination, effectively integrating refugees and internally displaced persons, and promoting social entrepreneurship to mitigate social-economic conflicts.