Host A Family

Project Description

Donor: Individual Donors & UNHCR

Implementer: Aleppo-NGO

Project Duration: Ongoing

Major Goal: To provide shelters for the most vulnerable Syrian families displaced from Syria due to the conflict.

Description: The project is designed to provide humanitarian emergency housing for the most vulnerable Syrian families who meet certain criteria within the project. Securing affordable housing is one of the major challenges faced by Syrian refugees in Armenia. Within the framework of the project, Aleppo-NGO finds benefactors to purchase modest apartments, ranging from U.S. $15,000 to $25,000 each, and allocates them to Syrian families for rent-free, temporary use. Aleppo-NGO carries out all the legal paperwork related to the purchase of these apartments which are owned by the individual donors and used by the refugees for a predetermined time period. UNHCR provides furniture for the obtained apartments in accordance with the official partnership document signed between Aleppo-NGO and UNHCR.

Thanks to the “Host a Family” project’s benefactors, the families of Chemberjyan, Melkonyan, Hovhannisyan and Potugyan, ten Syrian families have been provided with apartments. Three of these families now live in the city of Spitak in the Lori province of Armenia.

In Spitak, the “Host a Family” project was implemented thanks to a cooperation with the Global Hope Network International and the Melkonyan family.

The Syrian families in Spitak are engaged in agricultural work. They breed domestic animals, cultivate the land they received, and use the products they produce to care for their everyday needs. These families do not pay for housing or utilities.