“Save a Life”. Arakelyans, a Family of 4, moved to Armenia

On August 4, 2015, Arakelyan family, composed of 4 members, was transferred from Aleppo to Armenia within the frames of “Aleppo” CCO’s “Save a life” initiative. The family was warmly greeted at Zvartnots International Airport by the representatives of “Aleppo” CCO.

It is worth mentioning, that considering the difficult and insecure situation in Aleppo, a number of Syrian-Armenians addressed “Aleppo” CCO asking for assistance in acquiring a one-way ticket to Armenia for their relatives in need, who were facing hardships.

Considering the above-mentioned, the Executive Body of the organization came to the decision of encouraging all the donors from Armenia and Diaspora to consider the issue and within the possible limits support our compatriots, who have appeared to be in a difficult situation and have asked for our support in moving to Armenia as a secure country.