“Save Kessab” Initiative

On April 2, during a press conference “ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable Organization has launched fundraising in Yerevan, to send financial assistance to the Armenians from Kessab, who have found refuge in Latakia.

Receiving the permission of Yerevan Municipality, the representatives of the organization have installed special boxes in different corners of the city to raise money. From April 5 to 10 during 6 days the representatives of the “ALEPPO” and a group of volunteers carried out fundraising. Different individuals and organizations/initiatives from Armenia or Syria joined the initiative. As a result 1 437 090 AMD, 10 003.20 RUB, 118.95 USD and 3 Euroes have been raised to assist Armenians from Kessab.

The 70% of the money will be sent to Latakia to be delivered to the Armenians from Kessab, while the rest 30% will be handed to those Armenians, who have moved to Armenia or will yet to move and are in need.

The Organization ensures the transparency of the whole porcess.

“ALEPPO” Compatriotic Charitable NGO expresses its gratitude to the Yerevan Municipality in the face of Taron Margaryan, for giving permission for the fundraising in Yerevan, as well as to those thousands of donors, who supported the initiative from different corners in the world. We want to thank especially the administration of the Armenian-Slavic University, for the boxes of the fundraising were installed in the yard of the university from the very first day of its start. Both the students and the whole personnel of the university participated in the initiative.

The fundraising haven’t stopeed. Each individual, organization and media representative may contact “ALEPPO” NGO at Northern Avenue 11 or via calling +374 54 53 69 to receive further detailed information.

Our bank accounts are:

1930048910350100 for transfers in AMD
1930048910350101 for transfers in USD
1930048910350104 for transfers in Euro

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