“Save Lives” Initiative Launched

On June 26, 2015, in the framework of the “Save Lives” initiative by “ALEPPO” CCO, 3 families moved from Aleppo to Armenia. The representatives of “ALEPPO” CCO’s Executive body warmly welcomed families at Zvartnots International Airport.

Just to remind, that in recent months, due to critical situation in Aleppo and in terms of safety, many Syrian-Armenians residing in Yerevan have applied “ALEPPO” CCO asking to help their vulnerable relatives in Aleppo to obtain one-way ticket to Armenia.

Based on aforementioned, the Executive Body of the organization made a decision to call on all donors in Armenia and Diaspora to listen to and provide support within their abilities, to our compatriots, who are in difficulty and applied for help, to move to Armenia, as a safe country.

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