Sourp Sarkis Charity Breakfast

The “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Organization marked Sourp Sarkis with a charity breakfast meeting at “Chocolanitza” Cafe on Thursday, February 12, 2014.

The aim of this particular breakfast meeting was to add fun outings for the Syrian women, to help create a charitable atmosphere through which monetary aid could be received for vulnerable families currently residing in Armenia.

As such, a small program was organized comprising of  an opening speech by the chair of the Women’s Executive Committee, Mrs Dzovig Magarian-Baytarian, presenting the organization’s activities and goals, connecting the message of the day’s celebration with the work the NGO has undertaken. Mrs Shaghig Der-Vartanian, Chair of the Volunteer Women’s Committee, was Master of Ceremonies as she ensured an enjoyable and warm environment full of games and surprises throughout the whole of the event. The event was enlivened by favourite song artist,  Hovig Keshishian, who presented a rather rich repertoire of songs, followed by a lottery, wherein Mrs Nayiri Shigoyian was awarded with a valuable present donated by Mrs Alice Bertigian, while a second lucky participant received a prized donated by Mrs. Talin Aleksanian.

The following honourary women made donations towards the activities of the NGO, adding to the efforts undertaken by the wondrous volunteers who spare nothing to ensure the donations reach the programs they are meant to help with:

  1. Mrs Barkevuhi Vartabedian                                 $100 USD
  2. Mrs Silva Balabanian                                               $100 USD
  3. Mrs Astghig Tutunjian                                            $100 USD
  4. Mrs Laura Basmajian                                              $100 USD
  5. Mrs Marijan Ohanian                                              $100 USD
  6. Mr Anthony Mouradian (Australia)                 $200 USD
  7. Mrs Ani Balkhian                                                      $200 USD
  8. Mrs Jackie Pyuzantian                                            40,000 AMD
  9. Mrs Nayiri Shigoyian                                               20,000 AMD
  10. Mrs Zara Movsesian                                                 20,000 AMD
  11. Mrs Zella Azarigian                                                       5000 AMD