Syrian-Armenian Youth Took Part in “Aragats” Camp Organized by the Fund for Armenian Relief

From July 10 to July 30, 2015, 22 youngsters from beneficiary families of “Aleppo” CCO were given the opportunity to participate in the “Aragats” camp in Hankavan, organized by Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR).

Syrian-Armenian youngsters, participating in the camp, acquired valuable knowledge. Educational, cultural, cognitive and sport events, organized during the camp, contributed to the national and patriotic upbringing of the young generation, as well as engaged Syrian-Armenian youth in social life of Armenia.

Ms. Ani Chalyan was the tutor and guide during the whole camp. It is worth mentioning, that participating in sport events organized within the frames of the camp, the youth of “Aleppo” CCO took the first place in basketball and volleyball tournaments.

Signifying the importance of organizing summer vacations for the Syrian-Armenian youth, who has immigrated to Armenia, and highly appreciating the efforts of FAR directed to the solution of that problem, “Aleppo” CCO once again expresses its gratitude to the Armenian branch of  the US Fund for Armenian Relief.