The IDeA Foundation Continues to Provide Financial Assistance to Syrian-Armenians Resettled in Armenia through Aleppo-NGO’s “Save a Life” Project

On April 7, 2017, the Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation provided financial aid to 7 Syrian-Armenian families (a total of 15 people) who were relocated to Armenia through Aleppo-NGO’s “Save Life” program.

Since October 15, 2016, the IDeA Foundation has partnered with Aleppo-NGO in the framework of the “Save a Life” program to resettle Syrian-Armenian families escaping the conflict in Syria. Following the arrival of the Syrians in Armenia, the IDeA Foundation also provides a one-time financial assistance to the newly resettled families.

This initiative of the IDeA Foundation will be implemented through Aleppo-NGO’s “Save a Life” project, assisting those individuals who wish to relocate to Armenia, escaping from the Syrian war.