The Gyulbenkyan Family supports Syrian Armenians settled in Armenia

Several humanitarian initiatives had been initiated by the benefactors Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Carmen Gyulbenkyans aimed at supporting Syrian Armenian families settled in Armenia who live in difficult social-psychological conditions.

Their next step is a direct involvement in Aleppo-NGO’s “Adopt a Family” emergency humanitarian aid project, within the framework of which the benefactors “adopted” 7 Syrian Armenian families who will be receiving financial assistance on a monthly basis.

We highly appreciate the trust of the Gyulbenkyan family in the activities of the Aleppo-NGO for it encourages and motivates us in our mission.

To remind, Aleppo-NGO launched the “Adopt a Family” emergency humanitarian aid project in June 2015. The project aims at supporting displaced Syrian Armenian families, individuals and vulnerable groups who have found shelter in Armenia, and whose number grows because of the escalation of the military actions in Syria.

The project sets a platform, which enables individual benefactors and donors to get in touch with vulnerable Syrian Armenian families, and ensure financial aid, in order to support and address living issues faced by them. The project implementation contributes to the creation of primary adequate environment/conditions for Syrian Armenians, their settlement and integration in Armenia.